Who Are You? If potential customers are not able to decipher how your business solution addresses their problem, they will not spend money with you. Your web presence should educate, entice and excite people. Doing that requires more than a logo and a tagline. The business foundation that you have built off-line will not necessarily transfer or enhance your business online. The same atmosphere must be created on-line. Establishing your foundation correctly on-line will considerably affect your businesses reputation.

What do others say…

Most service seekers could care less what you have to say about your business. They want to hear what others have to say regarding they’re experience.

Every day customers are looking for your services online. No matter where you are in the world the first thing people do is go online to find a company like yours that they really want to find good services for. When they find a company one of the first things they’re going to see is that company’s reputation.

If three services were virtually identical, service A had four good reviews and two bad reviews.  Service B had no reviews at all and Service C has 6 five star reviews.  Which one would you choose to buy?  It’s obvious, C, because we all understand and it’s literally just part of our culture in everywhere that we go whether it’s looking for a rating on a TV show or movie or restaurant we go to.  The “five star” image is like a huge billboard!

Reputation Management vs Reputation Marketing

Reputation management from our perspective is really just helping people make sure that when bad things have been put online about them that those things don’t show up.

Reputation marketing is the most effective way to market because reputation management is obsolete.  See, in your business you don’t make money managing.  Managing is literally in expense of the company. You make money marketing.  When you’re marketing something that’s when your sales increase.  That’s when the value of your company increases.

Google made sure that you along with 80 million companies are naked before the whole world with your reputation. The new online currency of all businesses isn’t a great website.  It’s not SEO, it’s trust.  And the way we build trust is with online reviews and you leveraging the power of reputation marketing.

If you don’t have a system or process or a team that’s looking online to find out what people are saying every single day well a bad review might show up at the top and then all that work that you did to get to the top of Google and all that marketing literally is just shouting that you’re not a good company.

Let me give you a good example.  When we first started what we would market the business with their website, SEO and social.  And then step two, we will help them with their five star reputation.  The problem was, without a monitoring system, we didn’t know when someone would actually leave a bad review.  ‘It’s overpriced, we felt rushed. They were unfriendly.  Poor customer service.’  And then, all that work that was done to get them in front of all those people, was only marketing how bad their services were. Those one or two bad reviews that appeared online destroyed great leads because we simply didn’t know about them.

Reviews give you pre-qualified presold leads because buyers trust reviews as much as family and personal recommendations.  72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Technically speaking…

Securing the respect of the search engines and internet as a whole by setting up all components necessary for establishing your on-line presence is of utmost importance. Google along other search engines & sites look for a group of basic signals that are commonly associated with businesses that the internet respects and deems as credible, safe and/or important. Without the correct foundation, Google nor the internet as a whole will recognize and respect your business enough to refer on-line visitors.